Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Entrance Band

Jenny's been pretty silent on the blog front today because she has actual work to do. Go figure! So guess what time it is? Nerd time! That's right. Let's discuss The Entrance Band for a second, shall we? This band is blowing my mind grapes. I love them so much. And look at how hot the lead singer is. His eyes say "Fuck me, Shanon," do they not? Here's their best single (but really the whole album is top notch) for your downloading sexy-time pleasure.

The Entrance Band - Still Be There

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  1. I saw these folks by accident a couple weeks back and I was blown away (Which when you don't know it's coming is swell). That girl is a fuckin maniac on bass and my homey on guitar is crazy. Someone told me that he plays it lefthanded but still strung like a righthanded, but that is irrelevant. And then friggin pitchfork has the goddamn nerve to say their album is shit. WTF?