Friday, September 25, 2009

Technology Is Great

Today the iPhone decided to get with the program and allow picture messaging. The first pic I get sent was from Andrew, of his butt cheeks. Then I sent one to Bennie of my tits. Then Bennie sent me one of his tits. And just this morning I was telling my friend how grown-up I am because of my new phone. Yeah. Picture texts are the tits.

1 comment:

  1. did i give you permission to put this on the internet? No, Fuck you, you can't just go putting pictures on the internet of things that others were not informed of.

    Maybe some people would like to see the pictures that resided on a role of film that i had developed and was rather surprised by? In fact i know there are millions of men who would like to add that nice vagine to at to their pict collection. you guys out there know what i am talking about. hoot hoot.

    Censor the cleavage and we have a deal. (sorry to be big brother, but a guy has to protect himself.)

    you know what?
    Fuck it: