Tuesday, October 27, 2009


It is no secret that money-wise, me and Shanon are useless as a fart in a hurricane. Since we are planning an epic road trip from Florida to New Orleans for New Years, we came to the conclusion today that it is high time we started savin' up our skribble because those Super 8 Motels and classy T-Bell dinners are not gonna pay for themselves.

Solution? Be each others' accountants! I like to think that I am the better one with money in our duo, because of one particular incident about eight years ago. Shanon and I were in school and broke. Shanon literally had twenty bones to her name and we were walking down Broadway, past a skate shop. I went next door to buy a coffee and came back to find Shanon had spent ten of her only twenty dollars on a skate VHS tape. Not sure what she survived on for the next week or so, but if there's one straight thing Shannie's got going for her, it's priorities.

Now, by no means am I a financial wizard, I once drank an entire bottle of Ouzo because I had no monies for "real" booze or even some Colt 45, but I eat Hot Pockets & Mama Celeste Pizzas for their flavor and microwaveability and this whole "recession" is a great excuse for me to get down with my favorite foods without fear of judgment.

In conclusion, flasks are our new best friend, we will be mooching our drugs instead of supplying them, and if you'll excuse me, I have a sock full of change to cash in and purchase scratch-off tickets with.

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