Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Since I've received a few comments on my flight skills (Jenny: "I have never met anyone as good at missing their flight as you," Andrew: "Wait you thought your flight was Sunday but it was Saturday?") I've decided to write a separate blog about this.

Yeah so me and airplanes, no bueno. That's the summary of this blog pretty much but allow me to go into more details about humorous situations I've had at the airport.

- Showing up wasted. I had a flight once at 5:45am and Jenny convinced me to stay up all night before hand. I blacked out and have no idea how they let me on or even how I made it through security. Then I asked the girl sitting next to me to buy me a water! Even funnier, on the way to Vegas a few weeks ago I missed my flight going out for being wasted and showing up 55 minutes ahead instead of an hour. I started throwing a fit so my coworker made me go wait outside. I'm a class act.

- Showing up stoned. This happened to me just the other day. When the security guy said my flight was the night prior it took me a good 2 minutes to process this. It's funny because I never even bothered to look at the date on the ticket. I did a whole mess of things on Sunday due to my overwhelming confidence that my flight was Sunday night.

- Showing up a day early. Yes this has happened to me as well. I'm really not that observant. When I called my grandma to tell her this she said "Try to get on a flight, I've already made my peace with you leaving today."

- Not paying attention to which airport I was actually flying from. This happened to me last week. I mean, there are 3 airports out here so fuck me if I actually pay attention to which one I'm flying out of. I realized 2 hours prior to my flight that it was Newark, of all places, so had to haul ass from Brooklyn. Yup.

- Sitting at the wrong gate and missing my flight as a result. This happened to me once and it wasn't until after my flight took off that I realized I was at the wrong gate. When I finally got over to the right one they were laughing and asked why I didn't hear my name being called over the loud speaker. Answer: cause I was jammin' to Mars Volta on my discman, and yes this was 2003.

(p.s. This pic is muy caliente skater Rob Gonzalez, I wish I was that hat)

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  1. You forgot to mention that the Vegas flight you missed was at NINE PM