Monday, October 26, 2009

Alpaca Magazine

Everyone knows the magazine industry has been blowing it lately, due to this new thing called the "interwebs" that is all the rage. They're all, "Oh no, Gourmet magazine folded, how am I gonna cook swanky recipes for dinner parties with my rich friends" and I'm all "I woke up Sunday morning with a new iPhone app that I don't remember purchasing last night, it finds the nearest fast food chain using GPS."

But that is neither here nor there, the point of this blog is alpacas, specifically Alpaca Magazine, which I recently discovered existed Saturday night. This 'zine is all kinds of confusing; is it for alpacas, or for people who love alpacas, or by alpacas for the people who love them, who knows since we didn't actually read it because around five am we discovered doing this is why Alpaca Magazine is killing it and Gourmet is not.

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