Friday, October 30, 2009


Well butter my muffins, I didn't see that last little racist water balloon comin' my way from Shanon at all! As payback, I invite you all to have a looksee at the ghosts of Jenny & Shanon's Halloweeners past.

Uh oh, someone's grumpy clamwich of a Mom came to pick them up early and pooed all over the party. Oh wait, that's just Shannie.

Not that my costume was much better. (I was Natalie Portman in "The Professional" obviously) And Andrew was The Professional. Professional sweater puppy handler, hai-o.

Meet Amadeus Mozart and Professor Plum.

This wasn't Halloween. Tricked you, jerks*

*Shanon does not have the herps, those scabs are from the same tooth-knocking out incident mentioned in previous blog.

Which brings us to last year. What have we learned today? That Shanon and I are lazy fucking turds whose costumes usually suck a fat Snickers bar because we wait unti lthe day before Halloween to get it together. I have some shopping to do.*

*Shanon's note: I am clearly Matt from Matt and Kim. Clearly. I put effort into that shit.

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