Friday, October 2, 2009

Cheese Caves

There is this thing called Open House New York that I have been hitting up for the past few years, with my friend Cara. It's pretty rad, you get to go see a lot of things you normally wouldn't be allowed into around the city, but there is one thing I have been trying to go to for the past three years that has always been booked up; a tour of the Murray's Cheese Caves. Seeing as cheese can be filed under Things Jenny Would Die Without, I really tried to not shit the bed on this one. Or so I thought.

Ciao Jenny,

Unfortunately our OHNY tours are already sold out (if you can believe it! They were all filled up by 11:34 PM Thursday night!) I will certainly keep you in mind, should we have any cancellations. In the meantime, if you are dying to see our caves, we do offer the same tours throughout the year. The next one will happen in January, so stay tuned to for more details.

Hope to see you soon!

As you can imagine, this was very distressing news to me. I expressed this to my friend Cian. His response:"i think it's clear what you need to do - sleep with the cheese cave butler. i mean, i think i would." He assured me that I can't get in trouble for propositioning, so I decided to go for it. But first, a quick Google search, cause I might have been serious if dude turned out to be cute. And that is when I remembered that "Taylor" is a chick's name too sometimes.
My response:

Oh no! Man, I have been trying for three years to get it together for this and i thought I finally had it! Bummer. okay, well if there's any cancellations for either day, please let me know!
Or anything else I can do to get in... WINK WINK

To summarize: I just sent an email to a cheese monger, hinting at gay sex in order to get a tour of her caves. Just imagine if this bitch owned a brewery.

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