Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dykes or Best Friends?

I met a lady in SF who has a best friend (much like myself) and when they are together they are often mistaken for lessies (also much like myself and Jenny). She told me quite an amusing story of being on the street with said bestie when a man approached her trying to hawk his shit. He tried to push several things on her but the last was a sweet boogie board with dolphins on it. She thought it was rad, yes, but was sick of the harassment so told him flatly, "Lookit, I don't want any of your shit alright?" His response? "You need a dick, girl. Maybe if you weren't into beaver bumpin' bullshit, you would ease up." Amen.

So anyways this lady and I were talking non-stop about our love of our best friends when this dude approached looking for a cigarette. I gave him one expecting him to scram immediately but he wouldn't give up in trying to talk to us. My annoyance quadrupled when I looked down and saw that he was wearing flip flops. Those of you who know me well know that within my top 3 hates lies men who wear flip flops. So. Terrible.

Finally we told him to get lost, but not before my new buddy told him to take his mandles somewhere else. This then prompted him to say, "This is why I never come to the city." Right, because people in San Francisco can be so angry and cruel. Then we got into words and finally I told my buddy that we needed to abort immediately. But of course he got out a "fucking dykes" comment before we could bounce.

Seriously, wtf. Jenny and I were once asked if we were power lesbians. Can't a gal be friends with another gal anymore without the impending lesbian comment? So I give up. Dykes rule. Just gotta be the right dyke, nah mean?

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