Friday, October 30, 2009

Mischief Night

What is the deal with Halloween, why does it just make me want to go out and get fucked up? Shanon put me on house arrest tonight, because she is aware that I have no self control most of the time and she doesn't want me to be too hungover to attend her Halloween jammer tomorrow, especially since I am one half of her costume. Sometimes that burning bush knows me better than I know myself, methinks.

But it's mischief night! Does she seriously expect me to stay home and watch TGIF when I could be out setting bags of poo on fire and egging cripples and puppies and she knows I recently purchased a box of stinkbombs that have been burning a hole in my pocket, a HOLE goddammit. This is the one night of the year that my hobbies are celebrated instead of frowned upon, it might take a tranquilizer dart to take me down. So I will give her a solid meh beh about the whole "taking it easy" dealy and I will "do my best."

Or maybe I will just TP her house, I am an enigma, you see.

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