Friday, October 9, 2009

More Mysteries

What a crappy, rainy Friday. Feast your mind grapes on these mysteries with me:

- Spanish music. I don't mean Shakira, because she is booty-tastic, but the music construction workers play all day long or the dudes on the train blast out of their iPods. Every song sounds exactly the same. No comprendo.

- How people are on time for work. Morning time is way different than regular time, that shit moves at ludicrous speed. I will be getting ready and think I'm gonna be on time for work and will stop for three seconds to look for a shoe or think about what X-Man I would be and why, and all of a sudden I'll glance at the clock and realize I should have left ten minutes ago. Every single day.

- Neck tats. Whenever I think of neck tats, I remember one time when we were standing in line for a ride at Great Adventure, this chick had the gnarliest neck tat; it was a smoking gun and the smoke spelled out the name "Raoul." I don't understand why people get neck tats, but if her goal was to scare erryone out of cutting her in line for the Batman ride, mission accomplished.

- Why my left earphone always breaks before the right one. I have no less than three pairs of headphones right now, where only the right ear bud works. Does my left ear jam out harder? Makes no sense.

- Caffeine. Sometimes coffee makes me feel like a bajillion bucks and if I could shoot it, I would. Other times it gives me a panic attack and makes me want to barf all over the place. I told this to Shanon, whose response was "Caffeine is a tricksy mofo." Preach.

- Men! Just kidding. What is this, a Cathy cartoon.

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  1. My left earphone just broke 2 days ago! Good thing I have crazy glue on me at all times.