Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Two Moms Abroad

My two moms are nutty and they sure like to travel a lot! You guys should all remember the epic Christmas card I blogged about a few months back, but here's some more treats for you. (Yes I stole these photos). Thank you Jenny for scanning these and giving them all funny titles.

"Wooaaaaa!!!" That's the title of this glorious photo and it really begs to be clicked on and enlarged. That's my mom on the back of an elephant during their most recent trip to South Africa. She's holding on for dear life because she thought she was about to fall off and thus is ultimately squishing that poor woman in front of her (who is not my grandmother). The way my mother tells it, the elephant driver told her to "grab onto the belt." He was of course referring to the belt strap below her but she naturally thought he was talking about his own belt. You know, the one that keeps his pants up. So she did the ol' reach around and grabbed his blood diamonds. Haha, me so funny.

"That's a black man!" Also Jenny's title. I like this photo because there are so many exciting things going on. For one, my granma's touching an elephant's booty. For another, does anyone else notice that she's wearing a Louis Vuitton baseball hat? I think she might've bought that on Canal street about 10 years ago. And finally, what's going on with this black man in the photo? So many questions...

Some of you might recognize this as being strikingly familiar to the Christmas card with the baby tiger ... except now there are poodles! Yes, this too is also from their trip to Russia. My mother looks like a 12 year-old.

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