Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Obligatory CMJ Post

Jenny and I hadn't seen each other in almost 3 weeks so in typical us fashion we got retardedly drunk last night. I honestly think I downed 10 vodka sodas in half an hour. Open bar, bitches! Now I'm sitting at work trying to struggle through what is already an interminable day. I started listening to shitty emo music only after I realized I had been sitting for at least half an hour with my headphones on but no music playing. What is wrong with me.

But so! Here's a list of things I am looking forward to this week. It's CMJ, my favorite holiday after SxSW.

Day Drinking - Not that I need an excuse to do this, really. I mean I could do it if I wanted to, ok? It's just more acceptable to do this during CMJ, nah mean?

Free booze - Bless the man and/or chick that invented open bars. Although... he and/or she is directly responsible for how I'm feeling right now so fuck you. See you tonight!

Hot boys - Doy squared. Jenny gets all the tall, red-headed wiggers her little heart can handle, while my own desire for beer-gutted beardos is completely satiated.

Cold Cave - This band is muy bueno and I'll get to see them a bunch this week ...but that's not the reason I look forward to them. I bet you didn't know that the lead singer only has one hand! Tis true, he is a gimp. Next time you see them you will notice how he always keeps one hand hidden. Stumpsville. I love peeping that shit.

Buddies - Ok it's true that some of the people I'm "friends" with I never actually see except during CMJ or SxSW. Bringing people together, that's what it's all about.

Was this post retarded? Screw you, I'm hungover.

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