Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Poor Decisions of the Nineties

So we have been slacking bit on the blog front as of late, due to Shanon's jet-setting lifestyle and my decision to celebrate Columbus Day by getting weird until about 6:30am and generally making a mess of bad choices.

Bad decisions of course, made me nostalgic for the nineties in all their grunge-loving glory. Here's some things I was into and should probably regret.

Chinese character tattoos. Guilty! In my defense, I was 18 and they were purchased for me by a dude and were a completely spontaneous decision, as all my tattoos have been thus far. The worst part is, I kind of maybe forget what they mean. They came as a pair and I'm pretty sure I know what one means but I don't know which is which. Time to get busy with an Asian dude and crack this case.

Piercings. Used to have my nose pierced but I just remembered that the same dude who bought me those tattoos also offered to pay for me to get my tongue pierced. Who was this diabolical nineties ninja??

The color combination of maroon & forest green. In the seventh grade, I owned a pair of jeans in both these shades, that I would wear with a flannel shirt of a corresponding color, with some brown oxford shoes. That shit was my favorite outfit and I would totally rock it today. Fashion, you ironical bitch.

Under-shave Haircuts. These are crazy dykey and I never had one, but I wanted one all kinds of bad. Ten bucks says Shanon did though.

Is it the ten year anniversary of this drug or something because these nutty pills are all over the place lately. A friend of mine had some and was joking about having crushed some up and put it in my drink on a recent Tuesday night. Seeing as I would not put it past him to actually do this, I said I'd be really mad if he slipped me an E-roofie to which he replied, "No, you wouldn't." Touche.

Pearl Jam. Okay, I don't find them a poor choice, I freaking love this band and will listen to them for eight hours straight. It helps that my boss got Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder mixed up and downloaded about 4 Pearl Jam albums, thinking it was Nirvana. Already listened to "Daughter" thrice today.

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