Friday, October 30, 2009

Racist Jenny

Now that I know what a big ol' pile of beer shits Jenny is going to be tomorrow, I have absolutely no qualms in alerting everyone to the fact that my lady is a total racist.

Here's the proof:

- One time our friend Cara got into a fight with an Indian gentleman friend of hers (who shall remain nameless) and of course Jenny wanted to stick up for Cara because she's good like that. Jenny's retaliation took a disastrous turn, though, when she tried to trash-talk said gentleman and called him "Sanjaya." Classy.

- Another time a friend of mine was in town and Jenny was planning to make us dinner, aka bloody marys. My buddy asked if he could bring a friend and when, in turn, I asked Jenny she said "Sure long as it's not an Asian or a lesbian."

Here's a music video from my favorite band of pork chops (that's racist for Puerto Rican), Davila 666.

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