Monday, October 19, 2009

Speaking of Strip Clubs

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was in Portland this past weekend and have quite a few things to blog about. I've decided to follow up my bee-sting incident with quite an amusing strip club / blackberry dropped in toilet story.

And by amusing I mean gross.

Strip clubs in Portland are very strange because they're not depressing. It's like hanging out in a normal bar with your buddies but then HEY! there's a naked tattooed chick over there dancing on a stage. The one I went to with about 20 of my coworkers was called Magic Garden, or as my coworker called it, "Heaven." I was in one of those drunk states when I decided to put everything in my bra, you know, for safe keeping. I had my blackberry, money and talking powder in there by the end of the night.

So anyway I went to the bathroom to whiz and no sooner did I stand up then my blackberry fell out of the bra, down my dress, and right into the toilet. I didn't even think twice before I dove in after it and scooped it out. Then I took it apart to dry all the parts off and promptly told everyone what had happened.

This is actually an incredibly disgusting story but the amazing thing about all of this is that the phone is still working! I am now the proud owner of a peeberry. Don't ever ask to borrow my phone.

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