Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Whilst on the train the other day, I found myself faced with two separate but equally awful chicks: one had a sassy t-shirt on and the other was a white chick with dreads. Obviously, I spent the remainder of the ride mentally debating which one I was more offended by.

Sassy t-shirts are pretty annoying. In general, I am a solid color t-shirt gal and have never felt the need to express my opinions via my rack, which speaks for itself, nah mean. So yeah, opinionated t-shirts are annoying, but when they have glitter or are written in bubbles letters and all caps and say things like "NOT YOUR GIRLFRIEND" or contain any exclamation marks at all, it kind of makes me want to set fire to whoever woke up and decided today's the day, today I will let the world know that Grrrl Power does indeed Rock.

And white people with dreadlocks, when will you learn. After much inner turmoil, I concluded that these are in fact the greater of the two evils. T-shirt wise, we're willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you're doing a walk of shame home from a 13-year-old-girl's house, or to quote Chris, "Maybe you're Roman Polanski." Either way, no matter what your reasoning was for pulling that sassy scrap of ridiculousness over your head, t-shirts are not usually pre-meditated, where as dreadlocks are the result of months and months of pent up bullshit Dave Matthews love and whip-its and patchouli, sadly being rolled into little turds of broken dreams and jam band circle-jerks.

Then I saw a dude wearing Crocs with socks. And the journey begins again.

Thanks for pic, Gandy.

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