Thursday, November 19, 2009

Addicted to Hugging

Believe it or not I am full of love. And because I am full of love I like to hug people. This is true always but especially when I'm drunk. The other week I had a bunch of clients in town (the advertising kind, not the hooker kind) and I got a bits tipsy and gave them all hugs when I said hello. As in, "Hey! Good to see you again so-and-so" then I reached in for the hug. It really seals the "I-care-about-you-as-a-client" deal, in my opinion.

Or so I thought.

The next day by boss pulled me aside after having had a meeting with said client tell me that they said I hug too much! I'm not making this up! They said my hugging was making them uncomfortable. I said unless my hugging turned into humping and french-kissing their ears and nose, I have no clue how this could make anyone uncomfortable. It's a hug! You have to be a pretty miserable person to hate hugs so much that you tell said hugger's boss.

Or perhaps you're a Christian thug. My friend just sent this to me, and according to this rap I'm going straight to hell. It doesn't exist, so I'm not scurred, but honestly if it did exist I'd be going straight there for waaaay worse reasons than a hug. Enjoy.

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