Sunday, November 8, 2009

How I Spent My Saturday

I was going to title this one "I've Reached A New Low," but that seemed a bit melodramatic and not entirely true. I'm actually rather proud of how I spent my Saturday evening, but then again the entire experience says something about me that I'm not quite sure I should admit to. Mainly that I've given up on men, sex, partying and normal interactions with human beings. Let's relive my night, shall we?

I had to babysit a 9-year old (you like where this is going so far?), and decided to take him to the Brooklyn Museum to see some bands. I've know this kid since he was in diapers and actually enjoy taking him out to events with my contemporaries. Are they going to think he's my kid or my little brother? Who knows! Either way I keep them guessing and maybe I'll attract a hot dad. So many possibilities, you see.

So we get there and he's actually too engrossed in his Boba Fett book to pay any heed to the goings on around him. I allowed him to sit and read so long as he minded my purse, which he did. Meanwhile the bands played, I hung out with some friends ...and I drank a few beers. I haven't really been hittin' the sauce too hard lately so I got a little tipsy.

He wanted to bounce before the main band went on which I didn't care about anyway so we decided to go out and get some sushi. We ended up sitting at the end of the sushi bar, I ordered another beer and then we had some delightful conversation. At one point he told me that he wants to invent a heat-seeking missile, but instead of seeking temperature it seeks hot people and kills them. Kids these days! I laughed harder than I should have (because of the beers, mind you) and then begin to feel an uneasy sensation that people around us thought I was some kind of pervy pedo.

Who cares though, I ate a $5 piece of mackeral and some fried chicken, it was great! Then we went back to his house where I got my ass kicked by him and his older brother during a trash-talking game of Mario Kart.

Long story short, I had a great non-date date with a 9-year old (picture below). Apparently I have given up all hope of ever having a boyfriend. Or maybe I'm just that great of a babysitter. It's a toss-up at this point.

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