Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mmm, Punny

Few things amuse me more than punny names for eating establishments. I'm not sure what people are going for when they slip a pun into their restaurant name. Is their angle "We don't take our food seriously and neither should you"?

And does the joke get old? I imagine the owner walking into work every morning, shaking their heads and silently having a private chuckle to themselves. These are some of my favorites:

Wok N Roll. If you're gonna open one of those ghetto Chinese corner deals in the city, I'd rather it be named something comical than "Happy Fun Wok Lucky Fried Golden Joy House" since no one actually eats at those places anyway*.

Wok on the Dock. Chris just sent me this one, a Chinese resto in the harbor town he grew up in, Northport, Long Island. Every time I think of this town, I remember another friend from there who had a shirt that said "Northport is a drinking town, with a fishing problem." I think about that shirt all the damn time. No idea why.

Thai Me Up. Ehh, this one's weak, I just happened to walk past it the other day. I prefer Phuk It Thai. Haha.

Sacred Chow. Me rikee, probs because I am a pussy vegetarian. Shanon has been on my jock all morning because of this for some reason, regarding her upcoming "Pork & Pinot" party, to which I was told I would have to "provide for myself" and was then informed it was not, in fact, a "Lettuce & Pinot" party. Then was told to fuck myself and was un-invited. Best friends, gotta love 'em.

Pastafarian. Jah! This place is at the Jersey Shore, of course.

Crepes of Wrath. Thank you Gavin, for coming up with this one and we get that you're into "books" and went to "college." Still funny though, Professor Puns-A-Lot.

I Dream of Panini. Bennie coined this guy and I still laugh every time I see a panini. Solid gold.

*That was a lie, I used to have a date every week with my boy Adam to eat here. Wok Wednesdays. That shit was tight.

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