Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Certain things you know you have coming to you. They can be bad or good, but are usually necessary and this is why I try (for the most part) and keep my Karma on the level. This morning I came out of the subway and thought hmm, it has been awhile since I have been shit on by a bird and it led me to ponder some other predicaments I'm overdue like a library book for.

Be Shit On By A Bird. Yeah, I have literally been dodging these bullets for a solid five years now. Tick tock.

Cry Really Hard. I rarely get in bad moods, but lately, life has been not exactly handing me lemons, but more like asking me to do a tequila shot with it and then squirting the lemon juice into my eye. So I feel like I'm up for one real soon.

Get Blind Drunk & Make Out With A Random Person. Woops, apparently I took care of this one last Thursday night, as I was informed on Friday. Now I have to avoid eye contact with every dude in my neighborhood, since they are all suspect. Great.

Get Arrested. This is something I actually never need to do (again).

Jury Duty. Son of a bitch bastard, I am gonna have to deal with getting out of this in about three months. Good thing I am equally racist against everybody.

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  1. Cody and I did that lemon thing. We called it a skull fucker....

    First you do a line of salt

    then a double shot of tequila

    then you squirt the lime in your eye.

    its like being punched by the biggest mexican.