Monday, November 30, 2009


Monday's after a vacation are seriously the poo and Jenny is making me blog today like the snatch she is.

The long weekend was a lovely break from the old 9-5 (or in my case 9:30-7:30). I decided not to travel anywhere because that shit sucks. As a result I ended up not leaving my neighborhood for 4 days unless it was to do something specific like eat oysters and drink martinis ...and go to the Russian bath house at Coney Island! Oh I almost also killed a $2000 dog that I was dog-sitting, which would have required a trip to the emergency vet, but luckily that trip was not added to my weekend itinerary.

Back to the bath house story. We were the only non-Russian kids at this jam and boy did we stick out like a sore thumb. Russians are slightly intimidating, just like in James Bond movies. Stereotypes are there for a reason, everyone! Morgan thought one of them was going to come kick us out / kill us, but it turned out he only wanted to pimp his Russian bath website. He then told us that the next time we go we need to a get a Russian to come with us who can show us the ropes. And where do I find these magical Kosicks? Seriously, if you know please tell me, because I'm slightly attracted to the burly, tattooed, scary-in-a-rapey-way type of dudes that were all over this place. I want the ins to this scene.

Anyway, it was rad and now I'm addicted just like Jim Belushi. Here are some songs I've been enjoying lately that are all related to the Knowles sisters. Holler.

Solange - Stillness is the move (Dirty Projectors cover) mp3

Florence +The Machine - Halo (Beyonce cover) mp3

The Big Pink - Sweet Dreams (Beyonce cover) mp3

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