Monday, November 30, 2009

Turkey Day

Thanksgiving? Nailed it. This was the first Turkey Day I didn't spend with my family and was feeling a bit sentimental about it, despite Shanon's sage advice to "Get the fuck over it" so I decided to celebrate with my buddy Andrew and his friends (the majority of whom I had never met). In traditional Jenny fashion, I proceeded to eat and/or drink everything possible. The highlight of the evening was when somebody handed me a pipe made out of an apple (just like the pilgrims!) which I attempted to smoke, but instead burnt the end of my nose with the lighter flame and now look like Rudolph. The other people in my office have yet to comment on it, but if they do, I will direct their inquiries to Andrew and he can explain why he thought it was a good idea to start mixing me up whiskey drinks at about three that afternoon.

All in all, I am gonna say the holiday was a success and I am hoping the rest of the season is filled with more of the same; good friends, food, booze, a whole mess of decisions I will probably regret and a phone full of text messages I don't remember sending. And my fire extinguisher will be accessible at all times.

Taking this photo was the last part of Thanksgiving I remember.

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