Friday, December 4, 2009

7:30 AM Texts

I don't know about you, but nothing says top o' the morning like a 7:30 am text convo with your boss. Here was mine this morning.

Me: Let me know about any changes you need me to make to that deck.
Boss: Yes of course I'll be online when you get to work.
Me: Bueno. God I think I drunk texted jokes to a boy I like last night. Bad Shanon.
Boss: Trust me boys like that
Me: They do? Ok I texted him "yo mommas so old she farts mummy dust." (Side note: This is my favorite joke)
Boss: That is an awkward yet sort of charming one as long as his mother is in good health.
Me: Ha, man I'm so terrible with the flirting.
Boss: That is flirting?
Me: Maybe ...shut up.
Boss: Is this flirting? Oh god no one will ever know when you are flirting and when you are being an oddball. Better start buying lots of cats now.
Me: I will name the first one Sir Fur. This is not flirting. (Side note: that's what Jenny's dad named their cat when she was a kid)
Boss: That was terrible.
Me: Good thing I wasn't flirting with you then. Frodo Catgins? Come on that's good.
Boss: Stop before you hurt someone.

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