Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Caught In The Act

My roomie is a bit of an enigma, wrapped in a puzzle, tied together with a conundrum bow. He's not unattractive (re: cute), and he works at a bike shop (re: even cuter), but he's a total stoner, keeps a statue of ganesh out in our living room, and is addicted to video games. I love him regardless, but this past weekend he sent us an email that said he had an extra charge of $15 on the next cable bill. I figured he watched a few movies on demand. Wrong, he watched ONE movie. Here is the bill.

I asked my coworker if I should give him shit for this and he said, "Yes, especially if it has a hilarious title." Sadly they didn't put that. But I figure if someone's willing to wank off in the living room to a porn that he bought on the communal TV and cable bill, then he must not really give a shit right?

So, in retaliation I sent him an email that says, simply, "Hey, you! Let's not make a habit of watching porn in the living room, hmmmm?" Straight to the point.

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