Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dirty of the Day

Our buddy Andy (no to be confused with Gandy or Andrew, try and keep up) has been dropping all kinds of new sex terms on me after reading my last post, which I in turn have been sharing with Shanon. At her suggestion, we would like to introduce a new column to you all, dubbed "Dirty of the Day."

Let's start it off with The Lumberjack. This is apparently when you shave your pubes and keep them next to the bed, cum on someone's face then throw the bush in their face... and yell LUMBERJACK!!* So fellas, it's probably wise to keep a bowl of these next to your bed, if anyone asks what it is, just say "potpourri, baby" and ask them if they wouldn't mind slipping into a flannel shirt.

*Other words can be swapped out for Lumberjack, such as Werewolf or names of any cast members of Lost.

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