Friday, December 4, 2009

Dirty of the Day

New York Style Taco. Apparently, my friends (Andy) are chock full of sexisms that are just bursting to come out. I made the mistake of asking a different friend (we'll call him "Bob") for one today. His response:

I can only think of horrible things
without funny names
like filling someones ass with glass...

Believe it or not, they went downhill from there. Then my boss came over to my desk to go over some changes and I thought I had hidden our chat window, which unfortunately was not the case. Yeah, right about when this was on the screen:

Bob: you said nothing
does that mean i have gone to far?
Or two cups of lard
where you fill a chicks pussy and ass with lard and then fuck it till its all gone
are you there?

This is why we are back to Andy. Ladies and gentlemen, The New York Style Taco is when you go down on a girl but you are so drunk you throw up on her box. If I had a nickel for every time...

Happy Friday everyone.

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