Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gay Masseuses

Got my nails did last night and everything was on the level until we got to the part where the manicurist does the moisturizer/mini hand massage. I never really know where I'm supposed to look when they do this, so I opted for the T.V.  The massage was going on for a bit longer than usual and when I turned and faced the chick I was met with a dreamy smile and a set of rape eyes that could put mine to shame. The rest of my manicure was spent wondering if she was a bo and trying not to inadverdantly flirt with her, lest she get the wrong idea and offer me a complimentary brazillian wax.

Then I got to thinking about gay masseuses and what the deal is with that. Do they test for the gay before they hire these people? There's probs all kind of discrimination rules against that sorta thing, so it would have to be done on the downlow. Like playing the "Chicago" soundtrack while interviewing a potential gay fella and then leave to check on something and have a spy watch to see if he sings along or chair dances. As for the questionable clam diver, I suppose they could flash pictures of Rosie O' scare them straight! I slay me. Also dunno where I was going with this, it's been a long day. The end.

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