Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Got teabagged in the face with a case of these today, as my previous posts have shown. This is most likely due to the events of last night that Shanon described and I'ma go ahead and blame my new secretary Gandy (he has been responding to texts from my phone as I dictate, including one to Shanon that said "Andrew is a dicknose") for all of this.

I invited him over before the party and said "bring booze!" and never in a million years did I think he would actually do it. Lo and behold, he brought a liter of vodka, which we drank almost all of. I tried explaining to Shanon that this was necessary:

Me: It was like seeing bigfoot
No one would believe me unless I got drunk off the booze
Like no one will believe you saw bigfoot unless you take pic
Shanon: I was gonna say, what is that comparable to
Having bigfoots babee
Me: Just like
Shanon: Shut up

Whilst we cocktailed it up, we watched the following video. Who knew meth labs could be so much fun!

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