Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Morning Make Outs

Dear People Making Out On The Train At 8:45AM,
Get fucked. I really hate you. It is far, far too early for me to have to watch your love blossom. I am tired and the voice in my head sounds like this, "eggandcheesesandwicheggandcheesesandwicheggandcheesesandwich" and I really don't appreciate that thought train making local stops at Morningwood Junction.

Now, have I been guilty of this in the past? Perhaps. Is it okay when I do it? Sure. Is it okay when you do it? Shit no. On second thought, keep making out. That way I can punch you both in the head at the same time.

Not In The Mood,


  1. This morning, this fugly biatch sas, of course, necking with a hot boy right next to me and her stringy hair kept rubbing on my hand. So around 1st ave, I said "hey, can you get your hair off my hand? thanks". They knew. They always do.