Monday, December 7, 2009

Sir Fur

When I was little, I was really into cats. Stuffed animals, posters and begging my parents for real ones. The problem is, our family has never really had good luck with cats and this was best demonstrated by Sir Fur. I was about five when we got Surf and I don't remember where or how we acquired him, but I loved the crap out of that cat. He was cute and fluffy and could not figure out that he was supposed to piss in the litter box instead of randomly all over the house to save his life.

He particularly liked to water the hall closet, where we kept all of our coats, shoes, etc. One day, my Mom decided to take my brother & me to the Philly zoo. The whole car ride there, she kept saying, "Why do I smell cat pee?" Bear in my mind that my Mom's sense of smell is akin to that of a bloodhound, but cat urine is crazy stinky and I smelled my coat and mittens and they checked out , so I ignored her. We got to the zoo and were walking to the entrance when my Mom leans over, sniffs my head and grabs my winter hat off of me and throws it in the trash can. Sir Fur had apparently peed in the ski hat I had been wearing all morning. The rest of the zoo trip consisted of my brother making fun of me and my head stinking worse than the reptile house. I think that was Surf's last hurrah, the vet told us he had brain damage and was never going to be litter trained, so we ended up giving him away to go live on a farm.

Whenever I go to the zoo now, I always remember to pour a little bit of my flask out for Sir Fur, the most brilliantly named, dumbest cat there ever was.


  1. WOW a pic of Surf? Amazing. I didn't know we had any of those. I should add I wrote about this same story here:

  2. Ah the old "Went to live on a farm" story. Classic.