Friday, January 22, 2010

Airing of Grievances

Jenny's beef with lunch interrupters got me thinking about a few things I have been hating on recently. Allow to me to air these grievances.

1. People who ask you what you're eating while you're eating it. This annoys me more so than interruptions while I'm eating. My coworker hates this as well, hence everyone making sure to ask him what he's eating every day. But now I share his grief! "Is that pea soup?" "What have you got there?" "That smells so delicious, what'd you get?" Every single one of you can fuck off.

2. Speakeasies. Holy shit what the hell is up with this trend? Every new restaurant and bar is a fucking speakeasy. The staff all look like prospectors or moonshine makers what with their beards, suspenders and butcher's aprons. All the menus are the same and everyone's all about manhattan's and old fashioneds. I've never heard people talk about rye and bitters more than I have in the last month. The problem is that I actually LOVE all of these things, but if this trend doesn't stop then I will eventually hate them (even the lumberjack bartenders) and then i'll be REALLY pissed.

3. Jenny's love for Lady Gaga. What a bitch.

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