Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ballin in Nahleans, Shannie's Version

Like my counterpart, I too am having difficulty recalling our trip to New Orleans. By the last night I was in pain because my liver and colon had finally abandoned ship. Aside from the pig cheek, beignets and fried oyster po' boys I consumed there were also numerous slushy drinks with names like Hurricane and Grenade.

On New Years Eve we all ate some mushrooms and it was pretty nutty. There were all sorts of freaks out in the street. As Jenny mentioned, you're encouraged to drink on the streets out there so, for example, you can buy a bottle of champagne at a bar then take it outside to chug. Which we did.

We were all on some next level fucked upedness by the end of the evening so about every few blocks we had to call a "town hall," pull everyone over and discuss just what in the hell we were doing. Jenny declared herself mayor which I'm not sure helped out the situation much.

We finally settled at some tables to smoke weed. I was laughing so hard at this point that I peed myself (just a little) 3 times. Each time it happened I would yell out, "I just peeky-toed myself!"

Anyway, here are some photos:

Self service in the rear.

Town hall #14, very sloppy.

Reason for said sloppiness - drinking whiskey and a daiquiri at the same time.


On mushrooms. I admire Chris' stoic determination. Nicky's got that "I'm on mushrooms, you go girl" face locked down.

Purple cowboy hat.

Brass band. After watching for 2 minutes mushroomed-peaking Nicky demanded we leave immediately.

A rarity - the sober day-shot.

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