Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ballin in Nahleans

The blog nazi has ordered me to write about our time in New Orleans, so let's see what memories I can dredge up that haven't been erased by booze yet.

If I had to describe New Orleans in one sentence, it would probably be "Disneyland for Drunks" because man oh man do they love the sauce down there. You can buy booze anywhere, the Walgreens sell handles of vodka and you can even pick up a flask at the gas station. Drinking in the streets is allowed and maybe even encouraged. Some bars just straight up did not close ever, such as my favorite, pictured below - Igor's.

As much as I heart New York and can't imagine living anywhere else due to my love of laziness and convenience, once in awhile I come across a city with such a good idea that it makes me want to slap NYC like an insolent hooker for not having thought of it first. One of these ideas is having a movie theater that is also a bar, as I hear they have in Texas, and the other is even better; a LAUNDROMAT/BAR.

Doing laundry is the pits. I never feel like waiting around there and I always get bored but am too antsy to sit there the whole time and read or watch whatever Telemundo soap is playing. Instead, I drop my laundry off about once a month (when I run out of underpants and bathing suit bottoms) to the little Asian ladies who admittedly do excellent work, excluding the one time I got my laundry back with a jockstrap right on top, but if there was a fully stocked bar in the laundromat, all that would change! I would have the cleanest clothes in town. Have an early morning meeting and forgot to wash your lucky power suit? Take care of that AND those pre-meeting jitters by knocking back a few mimosas, two-for-one from 5am-7am. You can even MAKE money while getting drunk at this place, if you have the ruples to push a spooky old drunk out the way of one of the slot machines.

I'll leave you for now with this epic work of bathroom art, or "advice" to wrap your mind grapes around, while I try and recall things in this town that excited me as much as this bar did.


  1. Eff Why I - we have multiple bar/laundromats here in Los Angeles. FACE!