Monday, January 11, 2010

Baton Rouge

What rhymes with rouge? Luge? I dunno. Let's see, what did we do in Baton Rouge, that shit was like a decade ago. For starters, we stayed pretty much at the University of Louisiana, across the street from a place called "Tigerland." The name implied that there would be real tigers to hunt or make friends with, but what it turned out to be is a mess of bars, which we were greater or equally happy about. Well Gramma Shanniepants wasn't, since she had decided to make sweet love to her pilates dvd instead of going out for the second night in a row. We showed her good by waking her up at 4am because she could hear us all the way from the hallway.

Chris, Nicky & I checked out this bar "Fred's" which was a sports bar that I'm fairly sure doubles as a date-rapist convention hall. The best thing that bar had going for it was this sticker, that I asked the bartender to take a picture of for me.

We then ventured to a more happening bar, one with patrons other than us. It was some kinda clubby place and we were definitely the oldest people in there. This is not to say we acted like it, since we were drinking whiskey and pitchers of Budweiser like our lives depended on it. We tried our hand at making friends with the locals by asking them where to get drugs, since that had worked out so well for us in Mobile, but instead I got asked if I was a cop. Stupid kids. So then I felt old and sad because we also did not get any drugs, but was cheered right up by this bar, because I may look like an old narc, but my sense of humor would put any 14 year old boy's to shame.

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