Thursday, January 21, 2010


Since Shanon is fessing up to liking faggy bands left and right, I may as well come clean about my own closet skellie: I fucking love Lady Gaga.

I tried resisting for so long, but somehow the trannie seed got planted and blossomed into a full grown hot mess and fuck me if I don't love me some Poker Face. I was in denial for so long, until I found myself in a hot tub last Friday night, with some guys and gals and Gandy, when all of a sudden I was all "who is that crazy bitch yelling PLAY LADY GAGA" and I realized it was ME, me who was screaming for the (supposedly) dickless chick's music to be played so I could dance with my gay in the hot tub to it.

I could chalk this up to the vodka I drank at happy hour, or the margaritas at dinner, or the Jameson I enjoyed while in the tub, but what I really think happened is what I will call the "Friends Who Shouldn't Fuck" syndrome. Everyone has experienced this at some point in their lives; you have two friends that you know would be a terrible idea to hook up with each other, so you specifically ask them to please not bone, on your behalf. Of course both parties agree and everything is all gravy boats for awhile until uh oh, everyone caught a case of the drunks! And before you know it, said friends are humping like bunnies on crack and blaming you, for putting the idea (that they never would have thought up on their own) into their innocent heads.

So yeah, I gave Shanosaurus Lez a bunch of shit for liking Lady Gags, but this is all her fault, you see. This in no way means I want to have sex with LG, cause that dude still haunts my dreams.

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  1. I also like Lady Gaga. It's a disease. I think I contracted it from a dirty toilet seat.