Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lame Bands I Love

3rd Eye Blind. Fuck yes I love this band. "Semi Charmed Life" is the shit. That song is all about meth (an old habit of mine, unfortunately) and that video was all over SF. It's MY semi charmed life, you see. They clearly wrote this song for me. And I will love this band forever.

Vampire Weekend. I am super embarrassed about this one. The whole "ivy league rock" bullshit really grinds my gears. Ooooh they went to Columbia and figured out how to sound exactly like Paul Simon! What a bunch of boner killers. But goddamit "Diplomat's Son" is my jam (it's on your mix, Jenny). Fuck you Vampire Weekend for making me love you.

Yann Tiersen. I feel like a pretentious turd listening to Yann but if there was a list of Shannie's iPod's greatest hits, he'd be at the top. It's a shame that loving him makes me feel like a 60 year old.

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