Thursday, January 21, 2010

More "Who Am I"

Been awhile since I updated the Why The Fuck Do People Email Me Weird Things Always file, so here are some more, labeled accordingly by the subject of the email I received them in:

"The man who sexes my Mom"
This one is just funnier without an explanation as to why Andrew sent me this.

"Even the dog diggs the '73"
Chris sent me this one and it makes no sense, but you know when you get a song stuck in your head? This is like that but with a phrase. About ten times a day, I find myself thinking "even the dog digs the 73" and it makes me fucking bananas because then I start laughing and thinking about why it's funny and I never get anywhere. Vicious cycle.

"The Crotch. Boom" Compliments of our friend Alex, I have kept this little beaut in my inbox since August.

"Shave the baby" Blair always knows just what I'm into.

Remember my crazy former employer I mentioned previously? Well this is a picture he attached to his email wishing me happy holidays. I have no explanation for this either.

"Your new tattoo" I expressed my feelings to Andrew about how I hate being talked to whilst eating lunch, who then told me "I drew a picture of you being disturbed while eating a sandwich" and suggested Shanon and I get these as matching tattoos. Shanon is gonna be so down. Also funny he titled it "Don't Fuck With Lunch."

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