Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rabies = Terrifying

Last night I was explaining to Cara my newfound discovery of rabies symptoms and making fun of people who are afraid of water, when she informed me that rabies are apparently no joke and super easy to die from. She said that you die within TWO days, which I called bullshit on, since I am clearly a wealth of medical knowledge. Before, I was all foam at the mouth a little, bla bla bla, no biggie and fuck if I don't hate being wrong: "Once the infection reaches the central nervous system and symptoms begin to show, the infection is practically untreatable and usually fatal within days."

"Early-stage symptoms of rabies are malaise, headache and fever, later progressing to more serious ones, including acute pain, violent movements, uncontrolled excitement, depression and inability to swallow water." Great, now instead of just trying to figure out if I am sick-sick or hungover-sick, I will have to think long and hard about if I got bitten by a rabid dog while blacked out too.

Although the article goes on to say that most dogs don't have the rabes anymore, I started thinking about all kinds of other non-Cujos that could be potentially deadly that I never even thought to be scared of, like raccoons and shit. I previously thought raccoons were cute, since they do funny stuff like build forts out of trashcans and look like little burglars, but now I am just freaked the eff out by them. And recently, my friend Andrew was making fun of some irrational fears of mine so I asked what he was afraid of and he said bats. Of course I called him a pussy and would have gladly continued to do so, had I not stumbled across this lil' facto:"the number of recorded deaths from rabies has dropped from one hundred or more annually in the early twentieth century, to 1–2 per year, mostly caused by bat bites, which may go unnoticed by the victim and hence untreated."

Looks like I owe him an apology for the text I sent that said "Whoa. Just saw a flock of bats. You def woulda pooped your pants" because if I run into any bats from here on out, consider my pants pooped.

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  1. Because of your theft of my "drinking sick vs. sick-sick" I am posting this link to my quiz for finding out which one you are: