Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sassy In Tallahassee, Shannie's Version

First stop on the spooky Southern road trip was Tallahassee. This town sucks nards. Big time. There is nothing other than Florida State University so the town was cleared out. And Chris chose a lovely crack den as our hotel for the evening.

The night started off with a wet fart when we decided to have dinner at TGI Fridays in Gainesville. It was truly appalling. Jenny and I split some veggie dishes (no homo) and opted for mac n cheese. Then the waitress came out with a whole chicken piled on top of some penne pasta with cheese and bacon. I accused her of bringing the wrong thing out until she said it was on the menu. I basically said prove it and low and behold there was all this "writing" about how the "mac n cheese" was actually "cheesy chicken florentine." Thanks for pointing out our illiteracy, Gainesville. Just kidding, I totally know how to read.

Then we got wasted in our weird hotel and hit up a bar down the street which would've been for wankers if it was in NYC but was semi-decent cause this was Tallahassee. My only complaint was the dude in the robe. Who goes to a bar in their bath robe! Floridians, that's who.

Here are some photos. A little background: the road trip crew (name to be revealed at a later time) consisted of myself, Jenny, Nicky and Chris. Nicky and Chris are a couple, so some might say this was a couples road trip. See what I did there?

This was at breakfast the next day.

"Nicky and Chris in Bed, 1"

Jenny and her other best friend, Doritos.

Last known photo and location of the dyke slippers. We ditched those suckers at the hotel.

Coogi sweater, muumuu, black socks, slippers.


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