Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I work at a company with lots of interns, most of whom are babes (the lady variety). I'm usually not opposed to young, hot chicks but I've gotten chubs this winter. Couple that with the fact that I work 50+ hours a week but am still broke and spend what little money I have on drugs, booze and fancy hamburgers, well, these young hot chicks can go fuck themselves is what I'm getting at. I'm not trying to bone every one of my guy colleagues, but that doesn't mean I feel like watching them all drool over some 20-year old who weighs less than my beer gut and who I'm sure has more money than me in her trust fund.

But I digress. This blog was not meant to vent, it was to talk about the new hot dude intern we have in the office! Finally! Usually the guys we get to intern are pre-pubescent skater kids. Someone I would've boned when I was 15 but draw the line at as I approach 28.

Not this kid though! He's hot in the dirty, long-haired, Native-American-sweater-wearin' kind of way. Last night we had a work thing at a bar and I talked with him for a while. I don't know if he was nervous or what (on account of what a powerful woman I am) but the kid was rattling on about the most boring shit. I kept telling my brain to shut up and just stare at his lips or his long locks, but no dice. I finally couldn't deal and had to excuse myself.

My buddies were apparently watching this all go down and instantly gave me shit. Then I was regaled with stories about intern rendezvous and getting busted by the higher ups for that sort of behavior. Basically I was shot down before it even began.

I had a point, and it's this: I think I've got a thing for young Native Americans, like that kid from Northern Exposure.

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