Sunday, February 28, 2010

Winter Blues

I suppose I can't be mad at Jenny for trying to insert some boners. See what I just did there? I've been slacking a lot on the blog front, but honestly this month is depressing as fuck. Lost totally sucks, work is a giant poo stain, it's been snowing forever, earthquakes are running rampant and I didn't get any birthday cake on my goddamn birthday.

But before I take the whaaambulance all the way to my own pity party, I'd like to take a moment to appreciate the things that are keeping my spirits (semi-)high during this miserable winter.

1. Vintage photos of Steve Yzerman. I don't know much about Hockey. Right this very moment I'm watching the men's hockey gold medal game and my Canadian buddy just texted, "Ready for your hockey enima yankee!" Um, I guess? He doesn't realize I only watch this shit for the hot, toothless men. But I know enough to look up vintage pics of Yzerman. He's like a 1980s Zac Efron.

2. Modern Family. Does anyone else realize how hilarious this show is?

3. Bodega fig newtons. Anyone else feel me on this one? I can't explain it but for some reason I'm addicted to those wheat fig newtons they sell at deli counters. I guess I'm a simple woman.

4. The hot intern at my office. I talked about this already, but this past week I found out that the pretty but boring intern I've got a crush on is going to SXSW. What a coincidence! I, too, will be at SXSW. Methinks I smell an opportunity on the horizon to sexually harass a young boy.

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