Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Boner(s) of the Day

Okay, I'm gonna dub the Burkman Brothers B.O.D., because they are somewhat fine and brothers always add a certain Je ne sais pas, "Ice Storm" hotness to the equation, but I am not entirely sold on these dudes.

See, they're clothing designers and I'm more than a little over this whole rugged-urban-Paul Bunyan-giant-bearded-vagina look that every hipster doofus in NYC sports and I was getting good and worked up into a nice tirade on why I hate the clothes these guys design, when I noticed their whole collection features only one model, a foxy redhead. Sometimes he's dressed like a wigger, sometimes a sexy nerd, and dude is lookin' nineteen or so. It's like these brothers squeezed my mind grapes straight into a personalized, best selling boner book.

 Thanks again, Gandy!

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