Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gmail is Cuh Razy

So I just noticed that above my Gmail inbox feed there is an ad of sorts, that I guess they place depending on the contents of your email conversations. Maybe? I dunno. It's the only reasoning I can come up with to explain what was just up there (you MUST click to enlarge).

What the what. Chris and I exchange a number of emails on ornithology so I supposed this makes sense. But this website is amazing!

A man holds a pair of binoculars, one hand wrapped around each side. His fingers are curled like fists, and they come together making a strong symbolic statement. You’re looking at a two-fisted bird watcher, buddy.

Birders were once portrayed as ladies in tweed and guys who looked like bookish nerds. But tough men and women are birding and they’re not tweedy or nerdy. They’re Army Rangers on patrol.

They stalk wild animals: Spring migrants that were in a South American jungle a month ago. Or winter visitors that crossed the Canadian tundra to get here.

Bobcats and bears are cool, and we see a few. But birds come in wild varieties, and spotting them is a physical and mental challenge; a two-fisted sport.
You just can’t hold a pair of binoculars up to your eyes without putting up your dukes.

The two-fisted bird watcher is here. Maybe, the two-fisted bird watcher is you.

This is the greatest sale on bird watching I've ever enountered. Bird watching ...and fisting. Nothing's better than Chris' most recent email to me though (note, I have left the spelling and grammatical errors in tact).

March is the month of preparation. 2010 will be the year of the watchers. Bird watchers that is.

Prepare to sit with you buddy in fields, parks, woodlands, beaches, bogs, tidal plains, river banks etc.

Where ever our avian brethren play you will find a shaggy faced male and a redheaded lady smoking joints and eagerly thumbing through their field guides.

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