Monday, March 29, 2010

I Learn, You Learn

Because Tonight at the Pit is also about learning, I'm starting a new column called "I Learn, You Learn." Today's lesson is a new word I learned yesterday - Jingoistic, or Jingoism.

I was having a discussion about HBO's The Pacific with the dad of the kids I babysit for. I love this show! Band of Brothers is my jam so I'm obviously head over heals for this counterpart. I have books dedicated to Guadalcanal, mmkay? Anyway, we were discussing this last night and the dad said that the show was too "jingoistic" for him. I then asked him if he just made up a word.

But he didn't! Jingoism refers to people who are excessively patriotic to the point of aggressive foreign policy. I did a little wiki'ing on the subject since it's such a neat word, and discovered (to my delight!) that US journalists in the 19th century referred to this as "spread-eagleism."

And you know what? I'm a total spread-eagleist for the dudes in The Pacific.

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