Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Irish Carbombs

Last night, my homegirl invited me over to sample some Irish Carbomb cupcakes she was making and I had no idea what that entailed, but she mentioned Jameson and Guinness and Bailey's icing, so I was sold.  And they were indeed crazy delicious since she is an amazing cupcake chef and was even nice enough to let me decorate some. Of course I immediately iced up a cockcake, but this was mostly because I am much like a twelve year old and wanted to tell Gandy to eat a dick.

But yes, today is St. Patrick's Day and I need to make my ancestors proud by doing these things:

1. Drink a green beer. I know it's just food coloring and doesn't actually taste different, but I like to pretend it does. Remember green ketchup? Yeah, it was the exact same as red ketchup, but you know that shit tasted like lung butter from a troll.

2. Get a Shamrock Shake! Son of a Blarney Stone I love these things and I haven't had one in years. Apparently none of my friends feel the same, since everyone I mentioned this to either has no idea what I'm talking about or is grossed out. Gandy never indulged in one and we just had a lengthy discussion about what booze would go best in it (he said Khalua, I said too weak, same for Bailey's. Cognac? We'll see!) and neither has my other friend, who's been trying to convince me to ditch work all day and go make out with him. I told him I would, on the condition we drink boozed up sham shakes. He didn't seem to be down, so I said no deal. I am taking this quite seriously, you see.

3. Do an Irish Carbomb. Speaking of making out, a few years back, my friend who made the cupcakes (who shall remain nameless) and I were at one of my favorite Irish haunts down on the LES and I don't think it was St. Pat's Day, I'm pretty sure it was like a Tuesday or Flag Day or something, but for whatever reason, we started tossing back carbombs. Now, homegirl can down these and I am not sure how or why this transpired, but we found ourselves involved in a chugging contest. Long story short, no matter how much confidence you have in your friends'drinking abilities, don't bet a three-way makeout on them.

4. Eat green Sno Balls! I'm basically going to shit a Leprachaun tomorrow.


  1. do you remember the "it's carole" skits from snl? (horatio sanz in a wig). she always wanted a sham shake w/ a shot of jameson's up in there.
    try that. let me know how it is.
    your blog rules!