Friday, March 12, 2010

Lame Chick Shit That I Totally Love

1. Yogurt. For some reason yogurt is the official food of women, but I'm a total sucker for fancy greek yogurt and have even been tempted to try that yogurt that makes you poop.

2. Manicures. I get maybe 4 manicures a year but half the time it's with Jenny and we sit and giggle and help pick out each others colors then admire our nails for the rest of the day and it's so much fun weeeeeeee!

3. Fancy undies. I buy $1 coffee from the bodega with change, but if I had money I'd have no qualms on buying fancy underdigs. That shit is niiiiiice.

4. Rom-Coms. I'm not about to go see that lame movie Valentine's Day in the theatre or anything, but Jenny and I will probably watch it on DVD with her dad at some point. That's just how we roll.

5. Period Pieces. Everyone knows I'm a sucker for some Victorian Era steez. Their homes had names! And you couldn't go up and talk to anyone without first being introduced. I loves it.

6. Twilight. Gandy and I tried to see New Moon together but he was stupid and bought a ticket to the theatre down the block from the one I was at. So we watched it at the same time and then called each other to discuss, after which I told him the entire plot for the last two books. It was an epic phone call.

7. Vodka. When I see young college chicks (or really any girl younger than me) order a vodka soda it makes me cringe. You know they're just ordering that because "they don't drink beer" and they heard that all clear liquors are low in calories. But then I remember that my love affair with Vodka goes way back before those twits even hit puberty. One time in high school I went to chug from my water bottle thinking, duh, that it was water. Nope! I almost threw up in the middle of art history class.

8. Natalie Merchant. I have no justification for this one...

9. Talking about boys. Oh my god I love to talk about boys! Don't they just drive you crazy? Tell me about it.


  1. You cats going to be at SXSW, right? I'm a harmless dedicated RSS follower that would love to buy you some drinks! How do we make that happen?

  2. i am not going, since i am a poor, but stalk away on shanon.

  3. OK -- to me ya'll are interchangable, but take not the offense. PLZ tell shanon that there would be drinks to be had this week if she could leave a clue to her wears abouts. does she do that gowalla check in thingy? Just saw a bunch of nerds check in a Polvos. Didn't seem right.

  4. what the what. i have no idea where i am right now.