Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I boycotted any and all use of emoticons for a good long while, but much like Lady Gaga, men who wear corduroys, or a persistent date rapist, they eventually wore me down and now I frequent them more than I probably should. Some I generally find amusing, such as the "sleazy wink" ;/ or when you gchat a happy or sad face and Google makes it have eyebrows that wiggle. The internets. I love them.

Since Shanon and I communicate mainly via chat and drunk texts, we were discussing some emoticons that don't exist that we feel are needed, like the following:

Have to Poop. Because sometimes it's just funnier to give TMI. My brother usually writes me "Hafta shit, brb" but I think a separate emoticon is needed, like this one Shan & I have been hilariously sending to each other for the past few days )D) Get it?!

Eye rolling. The emotequivalent of saying UGH. I got nothin' for this one.

You're being cunty. Coulda used this one for ol' Shannaroo the other day, upon her lack of enthusiasm when I told her about my new ringtone. I believe my exact words were, "Take off you cuntypants" and let's just say that if we were in person, fisticuffs would have been drawn. But she was being a Cootchiesaurus Rex! Mabes next time i will just go with the tried and true "F U" this works though (Y)

Taco time. You can witness the roundtable we had on this one for yourself:

Any and all other emoticon ideas are welcome, as I am too tired and full of cookies to think of more.

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