Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Love Jurassic Park

Shanon just sent out an email about going to the racetrack, to which I responded, "Hold onto your butts!" one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite movies. She wrote back "Holy shit I love Jurassic Park" and guess what errryone? I do too! And I mean LOVE.  That shit came out when I was eleven and it blew my mind. So much so, that I will now reveal three embarrassing facts about myself to prove what a Fagasaurous Rex I am and that I love this movie more than you do:

1. I saw it SEVEN times in the theater. This is six more times than I have seen any other movie in a theater, ever. One is my limit.

2. I had the movie poster in my room. Oh, not that nerdy, you say? What if I were to tell you how said poster was located right above my Casio keyboard, on which the only song I knew how to play was the Jurassic Park theme. Yeah. I also have zero idea how to read/write sheet music, so remember that episode of It's Always Sunny when Charlie writes the "Nightman" song? That's more or less what the score I composed looked like.

3. I had a guest appearance in a comedy sketch my dad and his friends shot, spoofing Jurassic Park, titled "Geriatric Park." He has footage of this around somewhere, luckily not on his Youtube channel (I checked) and thank fucking God because I would have to kill each and every person who has seen this other than my brother and that's only 'cause he appears in it as well.

Jurassic Park Two & Three were both huge letdowns, but by then I was a teenager and had more important things to worry about like boys and cigarettes and Weezer.

But man, I could watch this clip all day.


  1. ME: "Wow, DINOSAURS!"
    HUNTER: "Shut up, kid!"

    The HUNTER smacks the two kids in the head with his shotgun.

    Actual scene from "Geriatric Park"