Wednesday, April 7, 2010


A while back (last month? the month before? I dunno) Jenny and I went and finally got bro tats as our birthday presents to each other. We've been talking about this for years but could never figure out what we wanted to get and are obviously too lazy to give it any serious thought. Jenny finally suggested an idea to me one afternoon that she thought I would poo-poo on, but guess what! I loved it and that night we were hittin up the cheapest tattoo joint in Williamsburg.

And that's how Loltats was born.

See most people don't notice them, and if they do they're confused as fuck. Earlier today Jenny "complained" that no one at her office has said anything but that it didn't matter cause explaining stupid/hilarious things to Olds is harder than understanding how anyone could hate Talladega Nights. It's such a good movie!

Anyway today I was gettin a taco from Summer Tacos and as I started to pocket my change the guy went, "Seriously?" I couldn't for the life of me figure out what he was talking about and immediately thought I was getting ragged on for not tipping. I fumbled to put 50 cents in the tip jar (taco was $2,50, I mean come on!) and he went, "No, seriously? Your tattoo!" And then it hit me. Well played, taco man. Internet speak tattoos are the tits.

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