Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Man's Best Friend

Bet you think this is a blog about dogs, right? Suckers, it's about rats.

Jenny's post below got me thinking about my own array of pets as a kid - a dog, four cats, guinea pigs, a rabbit, a hamster ...and four rats. Yes, rats. This post goes out to the best pets I ever had, my beloved rats. Jenny was quite disgusted when I started telling her about this, but lets just everyone calm down and forget your prejudices about these intelligent, misunderstood creatures.

Cassie Senior - My first rat was named Cassie. He was fairly large as rats go, brown, and fucking awesome! In fact, Cassie Sr was so awesome that I named my next rat Cassie as well (so the "Senior" was added posthumously). He would only answer to my calls so after my mom cleaned his cage she'd have to get me to call Cassie out from under the bed. Then me and him would watch She-Ra. I even had him trained to lick my hand... and occasionally my face. So cute! When Cassie Sr died I cried so bad. I guess the one negative thing about pet rats is that they only live about 2-3 years. Other than that they're the shit.

Cassie Junior - She was no Cassie Sr, mind you, but Cassie Jr was also amazing. And yes she was a lady. She was so sweet natured and would sit in my lap for hours. The one and only time she ever bit me was right after the 1989 earthquake in SF. The minute I got home I ran to her cage to make sure she was ok but I think that shit frightened her cause she bit my hand when I went to grab her. I didn't hold it against her though, earthquakes are scary!

Sandy and Sarah - These two sisters were my last rats. Sandy was white with a brown stripe down her back and Sarah was white with a brown nose. We had to go back to the pet shop 5 times because each time we brought back a male and a female rather than two females. Somehow my uncle could tell the difference and made us go back lest the two "ladies" suddenly give birth to 17 baby rats. Anyway rats have personalities (duh) and Sarah was totally the sassy one while Sandy was the brooding type. I drew a picture of both of them back in the day and got that shit laminated. Sarah died first and I was heartbroken, then Sandy died a bit later from tumors (inbreeding can be a bitch). That was the end of my rat empire, and you know what? Reminiscing about my beloved pets just made me a little sad, not gonna lie.


  1. This reminds me of Oprah's story about how she befriended two cockroaches and gave them names.

  2. I killed a mouse in my apartment last night (well, the trap caught it, and aaron killed it). Feel free to attend a candle-lit vigil in my back yard this evening, nerd.

  3. Unless it lives in a cage, comes a-scampering when I call its name, and occasionally licks my face on command, I ain't mourning shit.

  4. @Amanda- BA-ZING! hahahahhahahaha